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Maxfind Electric Skateboard - Motor 1000 W - 18 MPH

Maxfind Electric Skateboard
Forth Generation MAX 2 Single Motor 1000W with COOL Remote Controller
Top Speed 18 MPH

Product Description:

  • Glass fiber & PP composite, only 5.5KG/12.1lbs: It has a strong quality, lighter and easier to lift with one hand. You will have an easy experience.
  • Unibody with built-in electric components: Breaking through the traditional skateboarding is a very suitable travel tool.
  • Max Speed & Battery Type: 30km/h(18.6mile/h) & 4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH  It has a strong power, and will make you have a speed experience, feel the thrill of the limit. And can be fully charged within two hours.
  • Single Motor Max Power: 1000W  Original imported battery, and guaranteed battery life.
  • Wheel Material: PU  In order to make the skateboard more stable at the extreme speed, we used a hard PU.
  • IP65 dust-water-proof design & 25% incline rate: It is suitable for all kinds of flat roads, detours, water channels and ramps.
  • Max loading: 120KG/265lbs
  • Battery Charge Time & Cycle charging : 120 minutes & 800 times

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