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Snorkel Mask Spray Cleaner Pack - Large - 40ml


Keep Your Snorkel Pro 180 Clean and Protected

This anti fog cleaner spray for your Snorkel Pro 180 provides protection from the elements helping to keep your lens clear and protected for maximum visibility.

It is easy to use. Just spray the solution on the surface and let it air-dry. With a long-lasting, non-toxic formula, you can rest assured to count on it. Plus, it comes in a portable spray bottle for ease of travel. Just add water to the bottle to use.

Before use, clear the interior lens with a damp towel and wait until it gets dry.
Spray a small amount of the solution onto the interior lens and silicone lining, wipe evenly with a finger, and wait until it gets dry.
Before snorkelling, you can soak a bit of the mask in water and it is ready use.

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