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Snorkel Pro 180 - Pro Edition - Ocean Blue


Introducing the Snorkel Pro 180 Professional Edition.

This is the most functional and best quality full face snorkelling mask in the world and is designed to make your snorkelling experience truly amazing.

The Snorkel Pro 180 Pro Edition is extremely easy to use and after experiencing the comfort, and natural breathing ability under water, you will never want to return to a regular mask and snorkel again. The 180 degree design also allows for a greater vision so you can see more of what is going on around you. For depths of up to 12ft.

The Pro Edition has a new and improved internal and external design. Inside the mask we have incorporated two extra vents which increases air intake by 25% compared to our Original Edition. On the outside of the mask the Go Pro mount is now detachable making the mask more versatile. With the snorkel also being detachable this is great for packing your mask and also replacing your snorkel part after long term usage.

Our Original Edition mask was inspired by deep-sea diving masks, but the Pro Edition has now taken it to the next level. The new mask design allows you to have 25% more air intake and prevents water through the snorkel even better with two stoppers instead of one. The new pro edition also has a new sleek and aerodynamic mask design compared to the original edition.  

Our new Pro Edition also has an upgraded snorkel. We have increased the length of the snorkel by 50% compared to the Original Edition Snorkel Pro 180. Also with highlighted yellow safety points on the snorkel and mask it makes it easier for you to be seen by other people in the area.

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